Psilocybin shrooms chocolate for Cluster Headaches (Stops Headache )

Psilocybin shrooms chocolate

Psilocybin shrooms chocolate for Cluster Headaches (Stops Headache )

Cluster is far from “just” a headache. It is a chronic pain condition that lasts “on” and “off” for months or years, often with no hint as to its origin. Estimates suggest that one in 1,000 people – which equates to over 332,000 Americans – suffer from cluster headache.

There is no cure for cluster headache, and no known treatment exists with reliable efficacy rates. The one treatment that appears to offer effective, predictable, and long-term relief is small doses of Psilocybin shrooms chocolate,

The small doses of psychedelics chocolate  used to treat cluster headaches are usually enough to produce some felt effects, often described to me as a two-beer buzz.  But these are still far less noticeable than the effects of a recreational dose. Patients may also experience fewer side effects than they do with their prescribed medications. Mood-wise, a dose to treat clusters may provide the patient with slightly brighter blue skies for a few hours.

The benefits of Psilocybin shrooms chocolate to cluster headache

These are indisputable. But there is one problem: sufferers must break the law to find relief. The legal status of psychedelic substances also erects regulatory barriers to research into Psilocybin shrooms chocolate  treatments for cluster headaches. Yet, despite the evidence that psychedelics have the potential to treat cluster headaches and a host of other intractable health conditions, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) seems to be headed the opposite way of legalization: on January 14, 2022, it proposed adding five new psychedelic molecules to Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.

If the DEA will not help to make psychedelics more accessible for cluster headache patients and researchers, Congress should do so. With the current direction of psychedelic treatment approvals, cluster headache patients are facing years before they can stop breaking the law to get effective relief.

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